Saturday, April 12, 2008

total domination...

the numbers are all high...
- amount of ImagOn (300 sq ft.)
- transparency film (400 sq ft.)
- plastic (320 sq ft)
- ink (5 oz)
- paper (28 sheets of 48"x32" 336 sq ft)
- work time (165 man hours over 5 days)
- 2 haine's pocket T's
- 8 taco bell quesadilla's
....everything is up there. This was an amazing week and i can't believe I was able to print 44 2'x3' plates (9 images total, thats one more than i did for my thesis show!) and pull off back to back 15 hour days. The work came out great and I now have a new slogan "Justin Myer Staller is gallery ready in under 1 week." I want to thank Daniel Danger for helping all week with every aspect of this project, i of course owe him. I also want to thank my wife and cats for letting me leave them for a week to make art, they are the best family ever. I want to thank everyone at RIT, especially Keith Howard and Danielle Johns for all of there help facilitating this project. We made some videos of the printing of 'Candle Light" that we are going to try an edit....keep checking back.

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